Rahat Since 1950 is an independent entity founded by the brand owners. We are licensed to manufacture and sell baked, unbaked, frozen goods and confectionary products under the name and style of Rahat (license issued by brand owners of Rahat which is a registered trademark under the trade mark act of Pakistan trademark no 65731 in class 30 with department of trade mark registry Government of Pakistan since 1977).


Licensed to sell: baked, unbaked, frozen goods
and confectionary products.

Registered Trademark

Rahat is a registered trademark and anyone other than the brand owners cannot use the brand name without owning a franchise purchased from the brand owners. Rahat has fought several court cases to maintain their brand integrity. This has resulted in the shutdown of many bakeries in Punjab which were illegally using the Rahat’s brand name without having purchased the approved franchise rights. One of the examples is Tehzeeb Bakers which used to be Rahat franchise in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Our presence

All the Rahat outlets are doing extremely well in Punjab and KPK. More than 30 franchises/ partnership outlets serve no less than 30000 people daily.

Mask Group 6

More than 30 franchises/partnership outlets

Mask Group 7

Presence in Punjab & KPK

Mask Group 8

Serving more than 30,000 people daily


Our Story

In 1945 two young brothers named Rehmat Ullah Chaudhry and Ghulam Nabi Chaudhry moved to Lahore from Macori, India. They were the offspring of Chaudhry Hakeem-ud-Din and Hajra Bibi, and had three other brothers named Muhammad Ameer-ud Din, Muhammad Idrees and Kamal-ud-Din and a sister named Jannat Bibi. They stemmed from a humble background and had left their family behind in Macori to come to Lahore to seek their fortune.